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What’s your niche? What box do you fit in? What’s your tagline? What do you want to do in this world?

The box theory. Tinx, if you’re reading this, I love you and I want to be you… anyways… Tinx, social media star and content creator coined the term box theory in response to dating. Her theory says that males put females into a box (dating material, friend material, or hook up material) as soon as they meet, and it’s really hard to jump from one to another. So like, if I met Regé-Jean Page, unless he wanted to marry me immediately, I probably wouldn’t be able to, which is a shame (sorry Mike). But I feel like Tinx's iconic take can expand to everyday life... doesn't everyone put us into a box?

I’ve had a lot of failed attempts at side hustles. Travel blogging, sticker making, youtube videos, crafting, nannying, dance teaching… you name it and I’ve done it. And what has always stopped me from continuing to pursue any of these is the idea that you have to choose one. I can’t be a PA who also loves Disney and blogs about her trips while creating craft projects in my house, right? But… why?


I spent roughly 25 years of my life becoming a PA. High school AP classes, leadership positions in clubs I didn’t even like, after school jobs, hours upon hours of competitive dance, 4 years of undergrad, more leadership and volunteering experience, more after school clubs and sports, GREs, MCATs, post-grad careers that didn’t pay well, all finally leading me to my “dream job” as a PA. And now I live in a world where none of that counts, a world where employers look at my resume and tell me I don’t have any experience other than my first job out of PA school. A world where a pandemic has completely destroyed the system I chose to work in. And I'm not going to lie.. it's shit.

Don’t get me wrong, I love being a PA. I wouldn’t recommend it during a pandemic, but hopefully that will improve… But I have other parts of me that are important. I love Disney with a passion. I take solace in crafting and art projects. I read (a lot). I can organize anything and find comfort doing it. I get a thrill from talking about people, dating, relationships, marriage, babies and everything else that makes us who we are. I follow fashion trends and love trying new looks. I love taking photos and photograph editing. There's so much more to me that I don’t want to give these up to fit into a niche, and I don't understand why we have to.


I decided that I am no longer choosing one thing. All the failed attempts at becoming an influencer, an Etsy shop owner, a PA advocate... they all matter. There are so many people on the internet who accrued followers and fame for a “niche”. Rob the corporate employee, Remi the plus size fashion influencer, and the POV girls. I am sure these people have other hobbies, other interests, and other things they want to share but there’s a fear of losing followers, losing the people who make your content what it is.

We are the sum of many different pieces and people in our life so let's stop picking just one. And stop modeling yourself after everyone you see on the internet.

Welcome to my new life, my new "brand". Where I help others plan their dream vacation, sell my art projects, talk about my life, and share tidbits that I love to talk about. Enjoy! Or dont! :)

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